Compendium is your own, personal collection of information on monsters. As you kill more monsters, you unlock Ranks (up to 3) that give you a better understanding of the monsters you fight through bonuses. Reaching Rank 3 for a monster also gives a Multikill bonus!

Explore the Compendium by clicking it in the lower left-hand corner of your equipment window.

  • 3 ranks for each monster, each breakpoint at 200k, 500k, and 1M kills.
  • The progress bar is colored according to the rank you're working toward. A full colored bar means you hit the rank.
  • Each monster has its own stat bonuses it gives at each breakpoint. Each breakpoint overrides the breakpoint before it.
  • For wasteland monsters, the stat bonuses for each breakpoint are about equal in increase. However, for abyss and maw monsters, the first breakpoint gives the most bonuses.
  • Reaching Rank 3 for any monster gives a global -1% multikill bonus, in addition to the stat bonus. For example, if you have 3 monsters at Rank 3, fighting the 4th monster would give a 27% stat bonus to the monster instead of a 30% bonus. Check the Multikill page for more information and math about how much impact this bonus has.
  • Every 10 total rank points gives a +2% damage bonus.
  • All kills you have already made are automatically included in the Compendium.


To obtain each rank, the number of kills below must be met for each and they are a running total.

This means to get from Rank 2 from Rank 1, you would need another 300,000 kills, and not another 500,000 kills.

Rank 1 = 200,000 Kills

Rank 2 = 500,000 Kills

Rank 3 = 1,000,000 Kills

The list of rewards for each rank is below:


MonsterRank 1Rank 2Rank 3
Rat+1 Savagery+3 Savagery+5 Savagery
Large Rat+2 Savagery+4 Savagery+6 Savagery
Ore Snatcher+1 Armor+2 Armor+3 Armor
Lava Worm+1 Pierce+2 Pierce+3 Pierce
Pelt Grifter+2 Fortitude+4 Fortitude+6 Fortitude
Tormented Serpent+2 Fortitude+4 Fortitude+6 Fortitude
Skrivet+0 Speed+1 Speed+2 Speed
Sailfin+3 Savagery+5 Savagery+8 Savagery
Worg+1 Pierce+2 Pierce+4 Pierce
Azure Giant+3 Fortitude+5 Fortitude+8 Fortitude
Razen Drake+1 Pierce+2 Pierce+4 Pierce
Rajak+2 Armor+4 Armor+6 Armor
Crimson Giant+3 Fortitude+5 Fortitude+8 Fortitude
Goretusk+2 Pierce+3 Pierce+5 Pierce
Thrasher+4 Savagery+6 Savagery+9 Savagery
Karth Drake+1 Speed+2 Speed+3 Speed
Warped Tormenter+2 Armor+4 Armor+7 Armor


MonsterRank 1Rank 2Rank 3
Mammoth Bat+5 Savagery+8 Savagery+11 Savagery
Spinebreaker+5 Fortitude+8 Fortitude+11 Fortitude
Unseen Horror+2 Pierce+3 Pierce+5 Pierce
Shadow Giant+3 Armor+5 Armor+7 Armor
Depth Strider+4 Savagery+8 Savagery+12 Savagery
Flamebreather+2 Pierce+4 Pierce+7 Pierce
Excavator+1 Speed+2 Speed+4 Speed
Pit Dweller+5 Fortitude+9 Fortitude+12 Fortitude
Thornhide+4 Pierce+6 Pierce+8 Pierce
Stonedrinker+5 Savagery+9 Savagery+12 Savagery
Gape+6 Fortitude+10 Fortitude+13 Fortitude
Shreek+4 Armor+6 Armor+9 Armor
Burrowbore+5 Pierce+7 Pierce+9 Pierce
Skullcrusher+6 Savagery+10 Savagery+12 Savagery
Immaterial Haunt+7 Fortitude+11 Fortitude+13 Fortitude
Sightless Worm+7 Savagery+11 Savagery+13 Savagery
Fangsnout+6 Pierce+8 Pierce+10 Pierce
Decipede+2 Speed+3 Speed+5 Speed
Venompiercer+6 Pierce+8 Pierce+11 Pierce
Steamdrake+8 Fortitude+11 Fortitude+14 Fortitude
Deathwhisper+8 Savagery+11 Savagery+14 Savagery


MonsterRank 1Rank 2Rank 3
Unhallowed Husk +3 Speed+4 Speed+6 Speed
Terroraith +10 Fortitude+12 Fortitude+16 Fortitude
Growg +8 Pierce+9 Pierce+13 Pierce
Filcher +3 Speed+4 Speed+6 Speed
Rotmask +10 Savagery+12 Savagery+16 Savagery
Nightclaw +6 Armor+8 Armor+11 Armor
Lifeeater +11 Savagery+13 Savagery+17 Savagery
Twisted Howler +11 Savagery+13 Savagery+17 Savagery
Tentacled Dweller +11 Fortitude+13 Fortitude+17 Fortitude
Shackled Abomination +1% Max Damage+2% Max Damage+4% Max Damage
Dreadghoul +4 Speed+5 Speed+7 Speed
Phantom Deviation+1% Min Damage+2% Min Damage+4% Min Damage
Doompaw+12 Savagery+14 Savagery+19 Savagery
Smoky Apparition+12 Fortitude+14 Fortitude+19 Fortitude