Corporations are a place for players to gather and allow them to work together as a team, if they so decide to.

Corporations can be created by anyone, as long as you're not already in a Corporation, and they do not cost anything to make.

Corporations can have a maximum of 20 members at any one time.

Permissions are initially set to the person who founded the Corporation. That person can then give additional permissions to other members of the Corporation however this is up to them.


You can access this page in-game by opening your Corporation window, then clicking the Buffs tab.

  • With the proper permissions, players are able to assign the corp's Fame points and respec.
  • Your Fame level (and Fame points) are tied directly to you. The total Fame of all players in the Corp is pooled to create points usable by the Corp for boosts. If you leave a Corp, you take your Fame, and by extension, your points with you. When you join a new Corp, your Fame will contribute to their total and number of points. Buffs are corp-wide boosts that are applied equally to everyone in the corp.
  • Buffs give a boost to various parts of the game with diminishing return. For example, the first 30 points into True Damage buff will be about 3x as effective as the last 30 points into the buff.
  • Some buffs require other buffs to be leveled up.
  • The requirements are for each point of the buff. For example, to put 1 level into Reflect, you need 5 levels in Colossus. To put 1 point in Colossus, you need 2 points in True Damage. So 1 point in Reflect takes 10 levels in True Damage, 5 levels in Colossus, and then 1 level in Reflect.
  • When a player leaves a corp or is kicked, and if you have spent more Fame points than you now currently have, you have 24 hours to respec your buffs before they are auto-respecc'd for you. This is identified by the Corp icon in the top nav turning red, as well as the Buffs navigation item turning red.

Buffs are applied on a sliding scale where each level is less effective than the level before it. For example, the first 30 levels of True Damage are about 3x as effective as the last 30 levels.

True DamageProvides a multiplier to your true damage based on your combat level. At max level, provides 100% of combat level as a multiplier to true damageFor example at max buff level and combat level 120, you would receive a 120% multiplier to true damage
ColossusProvides a multiplier to your health based on your combat level. At max level, provides 22% of combat level as a multiplier to healthFor example at max buff level and combat level 120, you would receive a 26.4% multiplier to health
ReflectReflects damage back to the monster based on your combat level. At max level, provides 0.005% reflect per combat levelFor example at max buff level and combat level 120, you would reflect 6% damage taken back to the monster
Compendium StatGives up to 50% bonus on the stats you already have in CompendiumFor example at max buff level and +10 Savagery from Compendium, you would instead have +15 Savagery
Compendium DamageGives up to 50% bonus on the damage you already have in CompendiumFor example at max buff level and 8% damage from Compendium, you would instead have 12% damage
Compendium Multikill Gives up to 20% bonus on the multikill debuff you already have in CompendiumFor example at max buff level and 5% multikill debuff from Compendium, you would instead have 6% multikill debuff
PreservationPreserves up to 55% of the ore you would have gathered in the node. While you still gain the full amount, the node gets drained slowerFor example at max buff level withdrawing 100 ore from a node, while you would get 100 ore, the node would only go down by 45 ore
Ore SurveyorIncreases your mining level boosts to density and purity by 25%For example at Lv50 mining, you would be getting +5% density / purity, but with max buff level, you'd be getting +6.25% density / purity on all nodes
HyperdensityInvisibly increases the density of a node you're mining by up to 10% of your mining levelFor example at Lv60 mining, you would have an invisible boost of +6% density on all nodes


Here is where you can see the Inventory of the Corperation, where you can see what been donated and is currently in stock. Anyone can donate items to your Corperation, so it's not just fixed to members of your Corperation only. If you have the correct permissions, you can also withdraw things from the Corperation. Again, please remember that you can send items to anybody, so you must ensure that what you're sending is going to the correct person, or you may lose what you're sending.


Current permissions are:

* Invite —> Allows you to invite a person to the Corp.

* Kick —> Allows you to kick a person from the Corp.

* Edit —> Allows you to change the Description and the Annoucement for the Corp.

* Inventory —> Allows you to remove things from the Corp.

* Buffs –> Allows you to level and re-spec buffs.


This is where all the logs are stored for the Corporation, so if anything has happened within the Corporation, it's stored here for everyone to see.

Chartiable Giving

Charitable Giving is an event where you work with corp members to donate items in exchange for points, which get you points that go toward Fame exp!

Point Ranges

DifficultyMin PointsMax Points

Donation Items

EasyRat Pelt3,450140
EasyLava Worm Tooth3,100140
EasyTormented Scale3,100145
EasySkrivet Pelt3,400145
EasyRippling Scale3,100150
EasyWorg Tooth2,750150
EasyRazen Hide3,100155
EasyAzure Tusk2,200160
EasyCrimson Tusk3,500160
EasyGory Tusk3,200165
EasyT3 Scrap30170
EasyT3 Scrap45170
EasyPoisonous Barb3,100170
EasyKarth Plate3,100170
MediumBat Claw3,650190
MediumSpine Fragment3,650190
MediumBlack Ink3,900200
MediumDark Tusk3,150200
MediumDark Delve3,750200
MediumFireproof Tongue3,650210
MediumSerrated Thorn3,650210
MediumImprinted Skull3,650210
MediumT4 Scrap20220
MediumT5 Scrap20220
MediumUnhinged Jawbone3,650220
MediumPierced Voicebox3,650220
HardBroken Shovel4,400240
HardPincered Talon4,400240
HardTranslucent Scale4,150250
HardScarred Fang4,200250
HardCrooked Leg4,400260
HardVenom Sample4,200265
HardCondensed Vapor4,350270
HardFragment of Silence4,400270
HardT6 Scrap10270
HardT7 Scrap10270