Mining Laser

The Mining Laser is a special item that helps increase the amount of ore you harvest at a time. You can purchase specific boosts to equip to your laser to make you stronger.

  • The laser has “lines”. These are equippable boosts that are specific to an ore.
  • There are currently 5 unique boosts per ore, for a total of 30 choices.
  • The number of lines you can equip at a time is equal to your mining level / 20, rounded down. So if your level is 67, you can equip 3 boosts.
  • Each boost is leveled up individually. The max level of a boost is the same as your mining level.
  • Boosts first need to be purchased to be leveled up and equipped. There is no need to purchase a boost you have no interest in using.
  • You may swap out boosts at any time by unequipping one and equipping another.
  • To see the details of each boost, hover the [?] for an explanation.
  • Orthoclase boosts are much cheaper than Skasix boosts, both to unlock as well as level up.

Further information has also been provided below:

Purchase Boost

The first step to get a new boost is to purchase one! Scroll or filter through the list of available boosts and purchase one that you feel would be valuable to you. Hover the question mark on each locked boost to get a more detailed look at what each boost does.

Level Boost

After purchasing a boost, it still doesn't do anything. First, you'll need to level up the boost. Put a bit of gold into your purchased boost by clicking “+1 LEVEL”. Boosts get more expensive the higher you level them, and you can only level them as high as your mining level!

Equip Boost

Once the boost has been leveled up a few times, you can equip it! Click the “EQUIP” button. You can only equip 1 boost for every 20 mining levels you have. Now the boost is active!

Swapping Boosts

Don't want a boost anymore? Feel free to unequip it and swap it out with another boost you've purchased! You are free to have as many boosts as you like, and swap them in and out as your needs change.

Gold Cost

Below, is roughly how much Gold it would take for you to level a single boost from Level 0 to Level 100 (please remember to buy the upgrade, you have to meet the mining level requirement, which is your own mining level)

Orthoclase : ~26m

Anorthite : ~52m

Ferrisum : ~78m

Rhenium : ~104m

Jaspil : ~131m

Skasix : ~159m