Mining Laser

The Mining Laser is a unique upgradeable piece of equipment that helps increase the amount of Omnium you harvest per action. To view your Mining Laser, click on 'Mine' in the top navigation and then click the 'Mining Laser' tab. Here you can purchase specific boosts (known as “lines”) to equip to your laser to make you stronger.

  • The laser has equippable lines that each give a specific line.
  • The number of lines you can equip at a time is equal to miningLevel / 30, rounded down. So if your Mining level is 67, you can equip 2 lines.
  • Each line is leveled up individually using Gold. There is no maximum level for your lines.
  • Lines first need to be purchased to be leveled up and equipped. There is no need to purchase a line you have no interest in using.
  • You may swap out lines at any time by unequipping one and equipping another.
  • To see the details of each line, hover the [?] for an explanation.

Purchase Lines

The first step to get a new line is to purchase one!

Scroll through the list of available lines and purchase one that you feel would be valuable to you. Hover the question mark on each locked line to get a more detailed look at what each line does.

Leveling Lines

After purchasing a line, it won't do anything because it has no levels yet. You'll need to level up the line. Put a bit of gold into your purchased line by clicking “+1 LEVEL”. Lines get more expensive the higher you level them.

Equip Lines

Once the line has been leveled up, you can equip it. Click the “EQUIP” button. You can only equip a maximum of miningLevel / 30 (rounded down) lines. Now the line is active and giving you a boost. Navigating back to the 'Resource Nodes' tab will reflect your newly-updated stats.

Swapping Lines

Don't want a line anymore? Feel free to unequip it and swap it out with another line you've purchased! You are free to have as many lines as you like, and swap them in and out as your needs change.