The variety of stats in Elethor is designed to create interesting choice in how to upgrade your gear, as well as create strategies in clearing specific dungeons and farming mid-late game monsters.

Combat Level

As you level up, you increase the base damage that you do. This base damage (plus the damage calculated by Savagery) is used in all further calculations, meaning it is modified by armor, pierce, and other stats. Each additional level gives more base damage.

The bonus damage you get from your combat level is calculated as follows:

Bonus level damage = (level / 2) * (1 + level) / 40

A snapshot of what this looks like:

Combat LevelDamage Boost

Your %Damage energizement modifier does NOT multiply against your combat level bonus, only your Savagery damage.


Savagery increases your damage.

Each point of Savagery gives you 2 damage.

Your savagery damage is multiplied directly with your %Damage energizement modifier.

Savagery also gives you +0.1 true damage per point.


More speed increases your attack speed. Each point of Speed is less effective. Your base attack speed (with 0 Speed) is 50. This means every 50 “ticks” of combat, you will attack.

Every point of speed gives a 0.02% true damage multiplier.

To calculate your attack speed from your Speed:

Attack speed = 50 - (50 * speed / (speed + 400))


Fortitude gives you health. Each point of Fortitude gives 25 health.

Fortitude also gives a 0.001% Health Multiplier.

Armor / Pierce

Armor and Pierce work directly together. Pierce increases your damage (or a monster's damage against you) and Armor directly negates Pierce. This applies a multiplier to damage that scales damage.

This is calculated as follows, where “target” is the receiver of damage, and “source” is the do'er of damage:

sourcePierce / targetArmor

Example: Attackers pierce = 1200; Targets Armor = 1000; 1200/1000 = 1.2

Attacker deals 120% damage.

Pierce also gives you +0.5 true damage per point.

Damage Reduction (DR) / Ignore Damage Reduction (IDR)

Similar to Armor / Pierce, DR and IDR work together. Only monsters are able to get DR, and only players are able to get IDR. Higher level monsters will have DR, which is a final % modifier to the damage you do to the monster. This value can be OVER 100%. Then your IDR is applied against the monster's DR.

For example, if a monster has 50% DR, and you have 10% IDR, the monster will reduce your final damage by 45% (rather than 50%).

IDR is applied multiplicatively, meaning it's impossible to get 100% IDR. Each IDR an equipment directly has (T6 augments) or any energizement on the equipment (Rifle, sidearm, gloves can have them) will be calculated individually.

The total IDR calculation is:

IDR = 1 - ( (1-IDR#1) * (1-IDR#2) * … )

For example, let's assume we have 18% IDR*2 energizements on 2 equipments and 4 T6 augments which are 5% each. Then, we get: 1 - ( (1-0.18)^4 * (1-0.05)^4 ) = 0.6317 which is 63% IDR.

The formula for applying IDR is:

DR - (DR * IDR)


Damage is calculated in the following order:

  1. Combat level base damage.
  2. Savagery damage * damage% energizement.
  3. 1 and 2 are added together.
  4. Multiplied against armor/pierce modifier.
  5. Given a random +/- 15% adjustment (Min / Max Energizement can effect this number).
  6. Add true damage.
  7. Multiplied against DR / IDR modifier.


There are combat effects which are applied above and beyond this typical combat calculation. Each effect describes what it does and where it falls into this calculation. For example, Puncture is applied in the same way as normal damage, but ignores the armor / pierce modifier for a monster. If effects need clarity, please feel free to ask and the tooltips in-game will be updated.


  1. Combat level base damage.
  2. Savagery damage * damage% energizement.
  3. 1 and 2 are added together.
  4. Given a random +/- 15% adjustment (Min / Max Energizement can effect this number).
  5. Multiplied against DR / IDR modifier.
  6. Multiplied by puncture modifier (5/12/20/33%)