By clicking on Skills, this is where you can see your Combat, Mining, and Fame levels. You can hover over these and they will display the following:

LevelYour current level.
ExperienceYour total current experience.
Next LevelTotal experience needed to level up.
RemainingHow much experience you specifically need to level up.


If you have obtained any Masteries, you will see them under the Masteries heading.

You can hover over them see what they do, what level they are, how much experience you have, the next level and how much experience is remaining for you to gain a level.

Masteries are purchased with Gold and you also have to meet certain requirements to be able to unlock them. After purchasing, you will have a “Add To Queue” button next to each Mastery that you have. Each Mastery has a maximum of 5 tiers to obtain.

Masteries can be quite complicated and it is entirely up to you as a player where to focus your efforts, but you will eventually want to max all of your masteries.

Mastery Exp

The amount of exp required to level up masteries depends on the multiplier of the mastery. Higher multipliers multiply the exp required at each level.

For a mastery with a 1x multiplier, here are some details:

Level Experience Hours

Mastery Queue

This shows you what is currently being researched by you. Only 1 Mastery will ever level at a time and it is done automatically. You earn 1 Data Chip worth of experience automatically every 5 minutes.

If you add anything to the Mastery Queue, you must ensure you click the Save Queue button in green, otherwise it will not update. If you don't have VIP, when you save, only the top 3 masteries will remain. To have an unlimited queue as well as bonus Data Chips, consider getting VIP Status.

Unlock Masteries

If you click on the blue Unlock Masteries button, it will bring you to a section where you can purchase masteries with gold to unlock them and then train them to get their benefits.

They are filtered into 3 sections: Mining, Combat, and Other