Fossils are old pieces of Elethor that contain rich information on harvesting Omnium. Fossils are temporary boosts that you can purchase using Fossil Shards.

Fossil Discovery

Fossil Discovery is a boost that you can get from several different sources. The way it works is by multiplying the total ore you have gained from your mining action, and counting that new total toward your Fossil Shard progress meter.

So a Fossil Discovery boost of 30% would change your 800 Omnium mined into 1,040 Omnium counted toward your next Fossil Shard.

Fossil Shards

Fossil Shards are gained by mining Omnium. Every gained Omnium counts toward a progress bar that, when filled up, gives you a Fossil Shard. You can view this progress bar on the Resource Nodes tab of your Mine page.

Every day, for each Fossil Shard you gain, the required Omnium to gain your next Fossil Shard goes up. The shown 'Omnium Required' is how much Omnium you need to gain starting from 0. So to get 3 Fossil Shards, you will need to mine a total of 60k Omnium.

Fossil ShardOmnium Required

Fossil Shop

The Fossil Shop is where you can spend your hard-won Fossil Shards. The Fossil Shop has some critical information in the top bar.


Refreshes are how you refresh the available Fossils shown to you in the Fossil Shop. The Fossil Shop does not refresh on its own, only when you manually refresh it.

You gain 2 Refreshes per day (3 with VIP) up to a maximum of 50. The maximum can be increased with the Petrification mastery.

You can also optionally purchase additional Refreshes for Credits by clicking the “+” button.

Boost Level

Your Fossil Shop starts off pretty weak, only being capable of finding Common Fossils. While these are great for getting started, you eventually want to spend your Fossil Shards on much rarer and more powerful Fossils. Your Boost Level is the way to do that!

Boost Level requires Omnium to level up and gets progressively more expensive with each level you purchase. Boost levels increase your chance at getting higher-rarity Fossils and at higher levels, decrease the chance of getting low-rarity Fossils.

Each level of Fossil Shop Boost uses the following formula. So to calculate the boost for level 80, for example, you would need to calculate the below formula for each level up to 80 and add those totals together.

1-998,000,000 + (level * 1,500,000)
100+8,000,000 + (level * 2,500,000)
Fossil Rarities
  • The Fossil Shard Cost is randomized in a range of +/- 10%.
  • The # of Modifiers is guaranteed modifiers plus a chance at the next modifier. So a value of 2.2 means guaranteed 2 modifiers and a 20% chance at one additional modifier for a total of 3.
RarityBoost Level UnlockFossil Shard Cost# of Modifiers
Fossil Duration

Each Fossil also has a Duration, which is how many seconds worth of mining actions it will last for. So a mining action that takes 48 seconds will consume 48 Duration from your Fossil.

The Duration of a Fossil is calculated based on its Fossil Shard cost. 1 Fossil Shard is equivalent to 600 Duration, or 10 minutes.


At the start, each Fossil Shop refresh will bring 3 new Fossils into the shop for you to browse. You can spend Credits to increase your total Options up to 6, with each additional option costing more Credits.

Purchasing more Options that you will have more choices each time you refresh the Fossil Shop. This gives you a much better chance at getting the Fossils you really want.

My Fossils

After you have purchased a Fossil, it will show up in the My Fossil section of the page. Here, you can reorganize your Fossils by dragging and dropping them and then hitting 'Save'.

The Fossil in the #1 spot will automatically start giving you its boosts and show up as the 'Active Fossil' on the Resource Nodes tab.

Fossil Rarities & Modifiers

Here is a table of all the possible modifiers you can find on a Fossil, as well as the boost that modifiers gives at different rarities. All existing modifiers for a rarity have an equal chance of being randomly selected.

The last column, 'Spread', is the possible range of that boost, either up or down. So a boost rate of 10% with a spread of 5% means the boost could roll anywhere between 5% and 15%.

Fossil Rarities & Modifiers

Buried Vault Drop Rate12%18%24%32%40%50%8%
Geodata Drop Rate--6%11%16%21%5%
Fossil Discovery--15%25%35%45%10%