Once you have played Elethor for a while, or perhaps you want something called VIP which gives small buffs to make life a little easier, you may want to buy Credits. There a few ways to do this:

i) You can purchase them with money, USD to be exact. The packages are listed below:

  • $5 - Starter Pack - 20 Credits (comes with an extra 3 VIP days)
  • $10 - Supporter Pack - 50 Credits (comes with an extra 7 VIP days)
  • $25 - Big Pack - 130 Credits (comes with a bonus of 100 Improved Reinforcements & an extra 12 VIP days)
  • $50 - Monster Pack - 300 Credits (comes with an extra 21 VIP days)
  • $125- Colony Pack - 750 Credits (comes with an extra 34 VIP days)

Please note: If you are not using $ (USD), your currency will be converted to $ (USD). Paypal has a system in place that will convert your currency and then automatically give you the exact price before the actual purchase. We have no control over the exchange rates. Paypal also now doesn't require you to have an account, as you can checkout as a guest.

ii) You can purchase them from other players using the Market.

Spending Credits

After you've purchased some Credits, you can now decide how to use them. Click on the burger menu in the top right hand corner, then click on VIP. Once you've done this, you can then choose from the following options:

  • Extend VIP
  • Buy Redeeming Coins
  • Buy Bonus Actions
  • Change Username

We will now go into further details below.

Extend VIP

If you wish to, you can use Credits to extend your VIP status. This works on a weekly basis, and costs 10 Credits per week. By having VIP status, you will earn the following additional extras:

  • 10% increased Gold
  • 10% increased Experience
  • 10% increased Mining Resources
  • +5% Reinforcement Success
  • +5% Empowerment Success
  • Unlimited Mastery Queue
  • 15% extra actions when refreshing.
  • 10% Platinum Points Discount

Please note: VIP Benefits are multiplicative benefits rounded to the nearest full number. The Reinforcement and Empowerment Success is additive. 10% success becomes 15% success.

Buy Redeeming Coins

Redeeming coins are used to make an untradeable item tradeable for a single trade. They cost 5 Credits per 1 Redeeming Coin. 1 Redeeming Coin is required to make an untradeable item, tradeable (the two most recent tiers cost 2 Redeeming Coins).

As it currently stands, (excluding Augments) any item that you craft or buy (from the Market) is tradeable and can be sold on the Market or be sent to another player.

However, this becomes false if your reinforce/energise an item, as you have modified it from it's original state. By doing this, you make the item untradeable and to be able to send it on, or sell it, you would need Redeeming Coins to be able to do this.

To use a Redeeming Coin for an item in your Inventory, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your Inventory
  2. Hover over the item that you want to make tradeable
  3. In the top right hand corner, you will see arrows (red) going across each other, click on them

You will then see the following message:

  Do you want to make this item tradeable?
  This will cost 1 Redeeming Coin (T5 / T6 items cost 2 Redeeming Coins).
  WARNING: If you upgrade this item in any way before selling it, it will make it untradeable again! Please only use a Redeeming Coin if you are certain you are ready to sell it! 

Click on the green Make Tradable button. The arrows will turn green, and you can now sell/trade this item.

Buy Bonus Actions

You can purchase bonus actions and these are a permanent addition to your base number of actions.

Extra actions can be purchased with Credits. The cost scales like so:

  • First 600 actions cost 150 credits.
  • The next 600 actions cost 300 credits.
  • The next 600 actions cost 450 credits.
  • Credits after 1,800 actions have been purchased stay at a 1:1 ratio.

The more base actions you have, the longer it will take for you to get into fatigued actions (these take 15 seconds per action, instead of the normal 6 seconds).

Change Username

You can also change your username for 5 Credits. This can be changed to anything you want, as long as it isn't vulgar, rude, offensive, racist (follow common sense basically). Elethor staff reserve the right to change your username if deemed necessary.