Ore & Nodes

In order to gather, first click the 'Mine' menu item in the top navigation. This will take you to a screen that shows you a list of various resource nodes you can browse. By default, everyone will have 'The Pit' node that has an infinite amount of Omnium in it.

Start Mining

Click 'Start Gathering' to begin mining from the selected resource node. Mining does not consume your remaining actions, but the timer is affected by Fatigue and will stop completely if you run out of actions.

Resource Nodes

Each resource node has some information attached to it.

Info Description
LocationJust flavor text, this doesn't do anything.
DensityThe higher your density, the faster your gather time will be. The formula to get your action in seconds is 60 / Density.
PurityThe higher your purity, the more Omnium you gather in a single action. This is contingent on how much base ore there is in the node.
ExperienceHow much Mining experience you gain each action.
ModifiersThese are special boosts found only on Omninodes.
Resources RemainingOther than The Pit, Omninodes will have a limited amount of ore that exists in them before they are depleted.

Boost Calculation

All mining boosts are additive with one another. So all Density boosts will get added together before being applied to your affected mining.

Some specific individual boosts, however, apply separately:

  • Laser Double Boost Doubles ore income after calculating base ore, purity, and percent ore boosts.
  • Prospector Cache Finder Gives a large chunk of ore and gets added to your total resources flat, not affected by other boosts (besides VIP).
  • VIP Adds 10% additional resources after all other boosts have been applied.


Geodata is a special item that has a chance to be gained every mining action. The drop rate of Geodata depends on:

  • Your Mining level. Each level adds +0.02% to the drop rate.
  • Fossils.
  • Prospector's Geodata Detection ability.

The drop rate is then multiplied by your action compared to a 60-second timer. For example, if your mining action takes the full 60 seconds, your drop rate will be 100% of the calculated rate. If your mining action is 30s, however, your Geodata drop rate will be 50% of the calculated rate, or half the rate.

This effectively means that faster actions does not equal more Geodata. Only by increasing the above drop rate modifiers can you increase your Geodata gained per day.


Omninodes are special nodes that you can craft using Geodata. Each Omninode takes a bit of Geodata to craft.

Omninodes can only have attributes higher than The Pit, which is the infinite node. Each attribute has a chance to roll between 20% and 50% higher than The Pit. You can optionally spend Data chips to increase the mininum range of this spread by up to 20%. These are the attributes that Omninodes roll 20-50% on:

  • Density
  • Purity
  • Experience
  • Total Ore
Omninode Modifiers

Each Modifier has a separate chance to be rolled when crafting an Omninode, meaning it's entirely possible to get all the modifiers on a single Omninode. These are the base rates, and can be improved with the Prospector Omnifier ability. If you roll a Modifier for your Omninode, the boost will be randomly generated between the min and max boost before being multiplied by the Omnifier ability.

ModifierRoll RateMin BoostMax Boost
Total Ore7.5%10%25%
Fossil Discovery10%3%8%
Calculating Omninode Ore

Total Ore per Omninode is based on your Mining level. The formula for calculating the baseline ore in an Omninode (before affected by the 20-50% range) is:

10000 + (miningLevel * 1500) * (miningLevel / 40)