Ore & Nodes

In order to gather, first click the gathering menu item in the top bar. This will take you to a screen that shows you a list of various resource nodes you can browse.

Click a specific resource to see all the resource nodes available for that resource.

Each resource node has some information attached to it.


Flavor text.


The higher the density, the faster your gather time will be. Because there is more ore compacted together, it doesn't take you as long to gather it.


The higher the purity, the more items you gather in a single action. Because there's less crud to sort through, you are able to get more of the ore each time you gather.


The amount of Mining experience each action gives you. This is a range depending on the ore's base experience.

Time Remaining

Resource nodes don't last forever. The world of Elethor is constantly shifting and changing, and while a certain pocket of ore may be available for a short while, it doesn't mean it will always be available. It's better to snatch up the good nodes while they last!

Resources Remaining

Each resource node spawns with a certain amount of resources in it. Different resources have different capacities, and when the resources are all mined up, the node is depleted. You may need to train your skills in order to gather from larger nodes.

Boost Calculation

First you take Base Ore + Laser boosts. Then you take Base Node Purity + Mining Level Boost + Laser Boosts.

Then you do:

1. It rounds BaseOre * Purity * Mastery 2. It multiplies that against %Ore 3. Multiplies that against VIP 4. THEN calculates %Double from #3


Ores are gathered by mining resource nodes containing the ore. Ores are utilized in almost every single crafting recipe, and are also needed to complete Quests. All resource nodes generate randomly from the range depending on the ore. Results are skewed so that lower numbers are more common than higher numbers.

Some important things to note:

  • All resource nodes “regenerate” when they run out of ore, or when they hit their “death” time. Regenerating means a resource node is randomly generated again from scratch, meaning it might not even be the same type of ore.
  • Exp is always +/- 15% of the base value listed.
  • Density raises or lowers the gather action time. A density of 100% is the average gather time, which is 60 seconds.
  • Purity raises or lowers the amount of ore gathered. A purity of 100% is the average gather amount, which is 16 ore.
  • Your mining level gives an invisible boost of 0.1% per level to both purity and density.
  • The quantity of ore shown below is the base value. This number is automatically scaled up based on the number of active players.


Orthoclase is the first ore that all new players are able to start mining right away. It is the basis for your first tier of armor, and also a base ingredient for Reinforcements and Energizements. Because all upgrade items require the tier before them, Orthoclase will always be in demand.

Mining Lvl Density Purity Quantity Lifespan (in hours) Exp
1 60-110% 50-130% 1m-2.75m 90-114 20-28


Mining Lvl Density Purity Quantity Lifespan (in hours) Exp
20 50-100% 130-180% 1.6m-4m 48-72 51-69


Mining Lvl Density Purity Quantity Lifespan (in hours) Exp
40 65-115% 60-135% 1.2m-3m 60-84 143-193


Mining Lvl Density Purity Quantity Lifespan (in hours) Exp
60 70-120% 60-145% 900k-2.25m 120-144 224-304


Mining Lvl Density Purity Quantity Lifespan (in hours) Exp
80 60-90% 90-150% 2.2m-5.5m 80-104 347-470


Mining Lvl Density Purity Quantity Lifespan (in hours) Exp
100 110-140% 140-190% 2m-2.8m 32-56 490-662