Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions, hopefully you will find an answer to what you're looking for.

How long does each action take?

Each fight action will take 6 seconds, a “fatigued” fight action takes 15 seconds.

How do I refresh my actions?

Under the main menu (which has all the clickable buttons), you will see a grey bar. You can click anywhere within this grey bar, and your actions will go back to maximum. If you really want to, you can click the green/orange bar and it has the same effect.

What happens if my actions reach 0?

You will begin your “fatigued” actions. Your actions will start to go into the minus, however you will still perform fights. Each action now takes 15 seconds, instead of the standard 6 seconds and you go can go all the way down to -10,000 actions.

How can I increase the maximum number of non-fatigued actions I have?

Extra actions can be purchased with Credits. So you can understand the costs, the first 1800 actions costs 650 credits, and it's 1:1 past that.

You will also increase your total number of actions by progressing through the quests and doing the weekly.

Within the Compendium, what does the multikill buff actually do? Am I losing stats?

The monsters you fight get 10% increased stats for each one you fight and successfully kill. This means that the 1st monster has 100% stats, the 2nd monster has 110% stats, the 3rd monster has 120% stats and so on. Each Rank 3 within the Compendium gives you a -1% buff. This would then mean that the 1st monster has 100% stats however the 2nd monster would have 109% stats and the 3rd monster would have 119% stats etc.

What is a Puncture, and how to do I get one?

A Puncture Essence is a rare drop you can get from the Merchant's Antiquing table. A Puncture can be placed on a main hand item, if you have a reinforcement to use.

What does a Puncture actually do?

A Puncture allows an additional percentage (5/12/20/33)% of your damage, ignoring armor depending on it's level. Currently, it is known that 4 levels of Punctures exist. These are: Puncture 1 Essence, Puncture 2 Essence, Puncture 3 Essence & Puncture 4 Essence.

Can I remove my Whisper tabs from chat?

This isn't something can be done at this moment in time unfortunately.

How do I link my items in chat?

Whether you are in your Inventory or Equipment tab, the action is the same. Press and hold the Shift Key (⇧ Shift is a modifier key on a keyboard) and then click on the item with your mouse/touchpad. If you now go over to chat, you may see something like this: [ [ Skrivet Boots:34813 ] ]. You can enter this into the chat and the item will show for everyone to see.

What Reinforcements should I try to aim for?

This is entirely up to you, as there isn't a single answer for this. Each player will have their own opinion on what they think is better. You can always ask for other players opinions if you're not sure, or you can go with what you feel is best for you.

How do I get runs for the Dungeon?

Currently, this is done by completing certain quests. Some of these quests can be quite difficult.