Empowerment is a feature relies heavily on RNG.

As you get to higher empowerment levels, you have a lower chance of success, as well as a chance to lose the empowerment levels you already have!

To follow on from the above, the higher the Empowerment Level on that particular item, the lesser the Success Rate.

This feature allows you to gain a large stat boost, on each item that you have equipped. This means at this current time, you can empower 14 items and each stat boost stacks.

Empowering at each level costs gold, ore, and monster drops. The gold and ore costs are scaled by +0.1x per tier of gear you are empowering. So T5 gear costs 50% more gold and ore.

Earlier tiers only require 1 monster drop, but starting at T6, the required items for each level are spread out across the tier.

So while Level 3 empowerment might cost 200 Unhinged Jawbone, Level 4 will cost 200 Pierced Voicebox.

Note: You can only begin empowering gear that has used up all of its reinforcement slots.

The information below will show you what is gained per Empowerment Level.

Empowerment LevelStats Gained
1 10 Savagery
2 10 Fortitude
3 5 Pierce
4 5 Armor
5 20 Savagery
6 20 Fortitude
7 10 Pierce
8 10 Armor
9 10 Speed
10+ +1% All Stat

Each level past 10 also gives +1% All Stat. All Stat gives a percentage boost to Savagery, Fortitude, Pierce, Armor and Speed.

Success Rate

As a starter tip, VIP gives a +5% success bonus to empowerment, applied the same as reinforcements. So your 30% success rate turns into 35% with VIP!

LevelSuccess %Downgrade %Downgrade Levels