Upgrading equipment is core to progression. There are different ways you can upgrade your gear.

This is the first stage of upgrading a set of gear, and can be applied to all gear.

Reinforcing requires reinforcements, a craftable item. Upgraded versions of these items are required for higher tiers of gear. Each upgraded version requires the version before it to be crafted.

  • Basic Reinforcement (T0/T1)
  • Standard Reinforcement (T2/T3)
  • Improved Reinforcement (T4/T5)
  • Quality Reinforcement (T6/T7)
  • Mechanoid Reinforcements (T8)
  • Mutated Reinforcements (T9)
  • Deepwrought Reinforcements (T10)

Each piece of equipment has a certain number of available reinforcements that can be applied to it. By upgrading your equipment, you can see the window to apply reinforcements to the piece of gear.

Success Rates

Different reinforcements have different success rates. Mostly these are broken into 10% and 100% reinforcements, although there is potentially any success rate for a reinforcement on an item.

You will gain the same stats regardless if you use a 10% or a 100% reinforcement. 100% reinforcements exist for those who hate RNG. However, the number of reinforcements it costs to use a 100% attempt is much higher than just using the 10%, especially with VIP.

The list below covers all of the items which allow for reinforcements to be applied.

Fail Stacking

Every failed reinforcement attempt gives your next reinforcement attempt on the same item a +2% chance to succeed. This resets on a successful attempt.


  • Typically you can reinforce all normal gear with Fortitude or Savagery.
  • Typically you can reinforce Main Hand and Off Hand with Pierce.
  • The table below shows how many of each stat the reinforcements give for that tier.
TierFortitude / SavageryPierceSpecial Notes
T052No Pierce on Main Hand


Augments are unique in that they can have special, powerful reinforcements on them.

EarT2+3 Armor
EyeT2+3 Speed
BrainT2+3 Speed
ArmT6+3 Pierce
EarT6+4 Armor
EyeT6+4 Speed
BrainT6+4 Speed
ArmT9+6 Pierce
EarT9+6 Armor
EyeT9+6 Speed
BrainT9+6 Speed