The Drake

A goliath of hard scales, sharp teeth, and vicious adorableness, the Drake is your stout Companion in battle!


The Drake has three passives: Savagery, Pierce, Ignore Damage Reduction. Savagery and Pierce are applied before Energizements.

Passive Unlock Boost
SavageryLv1+2 per Lv
PierceLv25+1 per Lv
IDRLv75+0.2% per Lv. 60% Cap at Level 300

The Drake has several combat-related abilities.

AbilityUnlock LevelDescription
IntimidateLv1Reduces incoming True Damage by (+0.125% per Lv).
Vicious PunctureLv50Increases the effect of Puncture by (+0.1% per Lv).
IncapacitateLv100You have a (+0.2% per Lv) chance every attack to stun the monster. If a monster is stunned when it is their turn to attack, they will not attack. Stuns only last for 1 monster attack.
First StrikeLv150You have a (+0.1% per Lv) chance to immediately attack when fighting a new monster.