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The Drake

A goliath of hard scales, sharp teeth, and vicious adorableness, the Drake is your stout Companion in battle!


The Drake has three passives: Savagery, Pierce, Ignore Damage Reduction. Savagery and Pierce are applied before Energizements.

  • Savagery | Level 1 | +2 per level
  • Pierce | Level 25 | +1 per level
  • IDR | Level 75 | +0.2% per level w/ a 60% Cap at Level 300

The Drake has three Abilities: Barbed Lash, Vicious Puncture, Incapacitate

  • Barbed Lash | Level 1 | +0.25% chance per level that your attack ignores 0.5% armor per level. (ie: Lv10 has 2.5% chance to ignore 5% of armor)
  • Vicious Puncture | Level 50 | +0.25% chance per level that your attack temporarily upgrades your Puncture level by 1, ignoring armor.
  • Incapacitate | Level 100 | +0.20% chance per level that our attack stuns the monster. If a monster is stunned when it is their turn to attack, they will not attack. Stuns only last one attack.