The Drone

A masterpiece of technological advancement, the Drone is a Companion that hovers around you and helps you in battle!


The Drone has three passives: Fortitude, Armor, and Speed. All of these apply before Energizements.

PassiveUnlock LevelEffect
FortitudeLv1+2 Fortitude / Lv
ArmorLv25+1 Armor / Lv
SpeedLv75+0.5 Speed / Lv

The Drone has several combat-related abilities.

AbilityUnlock LevelDescription
FrenzyLv1You have a (+0.25% per Lv) chance to boost multikill by (+1 per 10 Lvs). These multikills also extend the multikill drop softcap of 50.
Reveal WeaknessLv50Lowers the monster's Damage Reduction by a flat (+0.25% per Lv). This applies before multikill buffs.
CrippleLv100Gives a (+0.2% per Lv) chance after every kill to reduce the multikill buff of all following enemies by 10%. The chance per level is reduced by half every 100 levels.
CorrosionLv150Ignores (+0.1% per Lv) of monster armor and reduces monster damage by 0% (+0.02 per Lv).