The Prospector

Heigh-ho and down into the depths we go! The Prospector is your soot-covered Companion, here to make you the best miner you can be!


The Prospector has three passives: Purity, Ore & Base.

  • Purity| Level 1 | +0.25% per level
  • Ore| Level 25 | +0.5% per level
  • Base | Level 75 | +.05 base ore per level

The Prospector has three Abilities: Cache Finder, Gem Find, Momentum

  • Cache Finder | Level 1 | +0.20% chance per level that your mining action finds a bonus cache of +5 per level extra ore of what you are mining. (ie: Lv10 would give you a 2% chance to find +50 Ore of what you're currently mining)
  • Gem Find | Level 50 | Gems will be an upcoming feature. Currently, this ability does not do anything.
  • Momentum | Level 100 | +0.15% chance per level that your next mining action will take 50% as long.